Building Use Policy

Earlham Church of Christ

Building Use Guidelines 9-8-20

Building Use Fees

    1. Weddings:
      •  Non-members will be charged a fee of $150 for use of the facility.
      •  For members and non-members alike $50 will be charged for any clean-up that is necessary.
      •  There will also be a $75 charge for a light and sound technician if needed.
      • No alcohol is allowed on church property.
    2. Funeral/Memorial Service:
      • The use of the building for a funeral/memorial service is a service of ministry to our church families, and will be free of charge.
      • There will be a $75 charge for a light and sound technician if needed.
      • An honorarium will be expected if our preacher does the service.
      • There will be no meals served at this time.
    1. Parties: For non-members, a fee of $20 per hour will be required. A clean up charge of $50 will be charged if necessary.
    2.  Meetings, Workshops, and Retreats: $10.00 per hour plus a refundable cleaning and damage deposit of $100.  Meetings, workshops and retreats scheduled on an ongoing basis must provide proof of liability insurance.  Any assessed clean-up fees will be charged at the rate of $20 per hour and deducted from the deposit.

Cleaning  expectations  to avoid additional charges. All fees subject to change and are subject to elder approval.

General Building:

  1. Put tables and chairs back.
  2. Vacuum
  3. Clean bathrooms. Check to make sure toilets are not running.


  1. Wash, dry and return all dishes to the appropriately labeled cupboard. Do not leave dishes in the sink.
  2. There are towel racks inside the sink doors for the wet towels.
  3. Wipe down all counters. They are to be left free of clutter.
  4. Sweep and mop floor if necessary.
  5. Dispose of all food and empty trash cans.
  6. The kitchen is used by many different groups and should be left clean for the next group.

Facility Lock-up and Security: A responsible party will make sure all lights are off, lock and secure the doors.

Other school and community groups may use the facility at no cost as long as the activity does not conflict with church scheduled events.  These include but are not limited to school & community athletic practices, Scouting Activities and the churches Venture Crew meetings or events, etc.