Earlham Ministerial Organization (EMO)
The Earlham Ministerial Organization is made up of all the Churches in and around the Earlham Community. Although not every Church supports us financially there are members of those churches that do. Each church has equal voice in the way things are done.  Other than specific names of people we assist, our records are wide open to anyone who has a question about where the donated funds go. Pastors of the local Churches are privy to the names of the people who we assist. Pastors of those churches make up the board of directors.

Earlham Ministerial Organization is no longer in charge of the Food Pantry. Ally Grief has taken that over. Her number is: 515-419-1328. If you want to donate food or need food, Ally is the person to contact.

If you want to contribute funds to the EMO or need financial support for utilities, etc. Bob Waldron at the Presbyterian Church is the one in charge of that. His number is: 515-229-2894.